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There are many benefits of being a member of our union. These include:

Free Journey Cover Insurance

Following the Liberal Government decision to remove insurance for members travelling to and from work, our union now provides this important insurance to all financial members of our union.

Skilled Researchers

Our union has skilled researchers that can make thorough investigations into enterprise agreements, contracts, the award, the Fair Work Act as well as any of the relevant industrial legislation.

Designated Representatives

Our union has full-time officials that travel the length and breadth of the state representing members who find themselves in disputes with their employers.

Access to Workers Compensation Lawyers

Our union understands that our members require the best advice when involved in a dispute over workers compensation. For this reason we provide free access to workers compensation lawyers for our members when involved in a workers compensation dispute that is encountering difficulties in finding a resolution.

Protection of Your Rights at Work

Our union is very active in state wide and national campaigns waged by peak bodies to protect our rights at work. Whether it be lobbying MPs, fighting for wages and conditions in the Commission or protesting on the streets, our union will continue to fight to protect our members’ rights at work.

Advice on Occupational Health and Safety

Our union believes that OH&S is the most significant objective of our union. As a result, our union provides expert advice on OH&S matters

A Team Experienced in Negotiating Enterprise Agreements

All our officials are very experienced in negotiating successful enterprise agreements. Our union believes that strong enterprise agreements are essential in improving wages and conditions for our members. As a result our union has ensured that all our officials are expert negotiators.

Industrial Advocates

Our union has a number of skilled advocates that specialise in disputes such as underpayment claims or unfair dismissal cases. Our union continues to provide expert advocacy in industrial matters.

Enquiry Hotline - 1800 801 594

Our union provides members with an enquiry hotline for quick advice on many issues that can be resolved over the phone. Such advice efficiently provides advice on issues such as the interpretation of the award or enterprise agreements.