Publications and Information

Young workers are amongst the most vulnerable employees in our industry. Many don’t know their rights at work. The following fact sheet provides a basic outline of your rights and employment conditions. It is an outline only. If you require further information on any of the information in...Read more
Social media is a great tool to communicate to colleagues about work. Please remember that when talking about work social media is a public media. Any negative comments about work can at the least reflect poorly on you and at worst can effect your employment. Most employees use social media...Read more
Our union has come across multiple staff who do not know about pro-rata long service leave. As a result many fail to claim this entitlement. Even more alarming is that many casual employees are unaware that they qualify for long service leave for any period of continuous and systematic employment...Read more
Our union believes that tips belong to staff. Our union will fight to ensure that every dollar earned through tipping makes its way to the people who earn the tip. Tipping is in Australia is not as regular a practice as in countries such as the United States where tipping offsets low minimum wages...Read more